Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Route since Bella Bella/Shearwater

For those of you who have been trying to follow my progress on the maps on an early post, here's a description of my route from Shearwater/Bella Bella.

Out of Shearwater past the Dryad lighthouse as I paddle west toward Milbanke Sound. Milbanke is known for having some snotty weather, but luckily there are sneak routes through the islands on the way to Mathieson Channel. The Heiltsuk cabin is at the very bottom of Mathieson.

Then up Mathieson for a short distance before cutting back west through Jackson Passage and Jackson Narrows into Finlayson Channel. I camped at the north end of Finlayson before heading through Heikish Narrows into lower Princess Royal Channel (Graham Reach) to Butedale, then continuing through Fraser Reach, known for its vertical shores and lack of camps or even places to step out of the boat, to McKay and Wright Sound.

Then up through the infamous Grenville Channel. Straight, narrow, few camps, and a

great funnel for winds. The end of Grenville is at the junction of Ogden Passage and the Skeena River before skirting Chatham Sound into Prince Rupert.

I know that sounds pretty straightforward, but that was 12 days enroute.


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! I'm one of those who likes to track you on the maps so thanks for this little update. Enjoyed reading your newest posts--especially about Lou. He sounds like a character--kind of like Carlie's fried Mr. Padilla! (are you curious about Mr. Padilla?) Also, got a chuckle out of your reference to those bears having a "recessive gene"--made me think of my home state of WVA!! I miss you. Take care.
Momma (AKA Sandy)

Anonymous said...

I still think of you often BC! Beautiful photos and amusing journal. Sue and her friend stopped here at Shearwater this weekend. Refreshed in a room and continued on their journey. Be well my friend