Thursday, June 14, 2007

Prince Rupert

Today is repack day--laundry, pick up food (another successful delivery), repack food, repack boat, repair equipment, etc, etc.

Rumor has it that Cass, Barry and Hipper will be coming up to Misty Fjords and spending a few days paddling with me out of a Forest Service cabin. That would be great, and I really hope they pull it off.

After they leave, I expect to continue on through Behm Canal and come to Ketchikan from the north.

Hope you're all doing well!


Anonymous said...

What an adventure! Glad there haven't been too many seriously tense moments so far for you (unless you haven't been telling us about them). I'm sure you're generating lots of lifelong memories along the way. I guess I'm a wee bit envious. We're with you out there.
Love, Kathy and Tim

The Commissioner said...

BC, not only can you paddle without end, you're a born writer. But how's your ibuprofen holding out? I'm taking it myself as a sympathetic gesture. Know that you have a devoted rooting section here in Ventura. You are giving us a great vicarious adventure. One helpful note: If you come upon the Avalon ballroom, you're off course. Stay well, dear friend.You are in our thoughts and on our computer screens.
Commish and Co.

The Commissioner said...

...and Happy Birthday! May it be a memorable day on the water.