Tuesday, June 12, 2007

10th Mtn Cabin on BC Coast?

One day out of Shearwater I came upon this cabin built by the Heiltsuk people and open to travellers and to the youth of the Heiltsuk Nation so they might learn more about their peoples traditions. And what a great place it is.

I got there on a beautiful afternoon and sat on the deck watching the water flow in the narrows in front of the cabin.

The cabin with the creek running beside it, and the outhouse, and the bush all around it reminds me of the cabins Carlie and I stayed in on Shuyak Island off Kodiak a few summers ago.

I can only imagine how much more kayak travel there would be if there were more cabins like this available along the Inside Passage. Hell, if there were just more decent camping spots available, this route would be more popular. But it would also be different. It would take some of the wilderness away. Just like my using guide books has taken some of the wildness out of my journey. So who's to say? Should this route be more accessible or less accessible than it is now?

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