Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ketchikan, Day 57

Back in civilization again after a couple 30 mile days coming south from Misty Fjords. I parked on the dock of a kayak touring outfit here called Southeast Kayaks. Same folks that outfitted Barry, Cass and Hipper. It's a really friendly group of people working here. I got to spend some time with Kim Kirby, one of the owners who I met last fall in Port Townsend at the sea kayak symposium.

Another couple days of errands and exploring here. It's the nicest port of call I've come onto during this trip. It's also the only place I've stopped at where I've known someone, so that's part of it.

Tomorrow I head up toward Meyers Chuck and Wrangell. I've decided not to do the extra loop out west from Wrangell to Tebenkof Bay, so from Wrangell, I'll continue north to Petersburg. If I did the trip out west, I'd have to extend the trip a week or so into August, which I could do, but I realize that a certain fatigue is setting in. I noticed it just before I got to Misty Fjords. It's not that I want to stop the trip and head home, but I don't think I have the energy to add that loop. Before the trip started, I wondered if my energy would wane at some point, and I think that's exactly what's happening. I think if I pare some of the extra side trips, I can maintain a good energy for the rest of the trip.

Thanks again to all you who have sent comments and emails. It's great to get news of your lives out here. Take care, all.

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Bob Burnett / Seattle said...

Hey BC! Darrel just gave me the link to your blog. Glad all is going well on your journey. The loneliness was the hardest part of the trip for me.

Stay well,

Bob Burnett