Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Just a quick update so those of you following the blog won't get too concerned when BCR doesn't post for awhile. Yesterday I got a 30 second phone call from Rimbeaux. He had arrived at a cabin in the Misty Fjords National Monument in Alaska. Joining him for a few days are Cass, Barry, and Hipper. Although it's a welcome break, it means Rimbeaux won't arrive in Ketchikan until around the end of June... Carlie


Hakuna said...

Hey BC - just happened to check in and see it's your BIRTHDAY!!! Janur & I will lift a wee glass in your honor tonight. Loved the piece on loneliness vs. alone-ness as much as all the photos. AWESOME to keep in touch, thanks for bringing us all along on your superfantastic expedition. Keep the wetside down - Robyn

Anonymous said...

Hi BC,
Thinking of you on your birthday, I've just read through your entire blog from beginning to now. What an incredible journey - you amaze me.
I'm leaving for CA tomorrow to visit the grandbaby.
Bill was in SF last weekend and he and Carlie had a good time together.
I too loved the piece on lonliness vs. alone-ness.
Thanks for sharing the trip - inner and outer. Happy Birthday. Looking forward to seeing you when you return. Love, Jillian

Gail Burton said...

Hey BCR...FELIZ CUMPLEANOS from Gail, Isa, Leslie, Riley, Kira, Tim, Terry, Casey, and Maya!!! We're here in foggy Arcata...having a lovey fresh salmon dinner...courtesy of Timmy's fishing prowess...thinking of you all in the grand Misty Fiord...sending birthday greetings and love...SO enjoying sharing the tales of your amazing adventure...keep on keeping on honey...we're thinking of you...hoping you have some strawberry/rhubarb pie to celebrate your special day!! xoxo GAB

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday BCR! Hope you have some fun and good companionship this weekend with The Boys. Bill and I got off The Grand a week ago, blasted home the next day and it has been nose to the grindstone for me since then. Bill left the nextday for The Rogue and won't be back till the end of June...what a fun hog. We had a fantastic trip downin The Ditch, weather was realatively mild, no flips/wraps or injuries, great people andgood water. The whole thing relaxed me so much that it took 3 whole shifts at work to undo it! We left an offering at Vulcan's Anvil for you, hope it is working. Seemed to do the trick for us through Lava anyway. Cass was on the 2nd half of the trip so maybe he can regale youwith hot weather/cold water tales...somewhat different then your current circumstance.
I loved cathcing up on your adventures via your blg when wee got home. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful musings and your great photos.
I agree with Robyn, keep the wet side down. Miss you
xoxoxo kt

Anonymous said...

Hey BC.
Happy birthday from New York. It's anything but lonely here, but alone sometimes as much as up where you are.
Glad you have the strength to make nature's indifference work for rather than agaonst you.
Wish you the very best of luck.

Come home safely.

Thinking of you a lot.

Anonymous said...

BC--I'm gripped by the log you're posting, as I finally get around to reading it. I know it's easy for us armchair adventuerers to say, but I wish I was there! I think my whining would be over by this point, but I'm not sure...I'll keep glued to your postings. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello BC
Received your most welcome card. Happy Birthday, S & MA

Anonymous said...

Hey BC

I hope you had a nice break with Cass and the crew he came with. I sure enjoyed getting to know him on the grand. I'm off the Rogue now...saw Jimbo and Marty floating by our camp one morning...what a kick to see them. Then on for some great boating out of Hood River and then south of Rainer. It's getting harder and harder to keep up with that brother of mine. I've really enjoyed your blog. What amazing technololgy to let us know where you are, how you feel, see your picture, and yet you get to be on the adventure by yourself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your trip! Can't wait to see you in person. bill