Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Other Boaters on the Water

Nick Spaeder, a fireman from Sequim, WA, is paddling from Vancouver to Ketchikan and trying to average 30 miles/day. We paddled together for a while in Mathieson Channel before I stopped in Refuge Cove and he paddled on to Griffin Passage. Nick did a solo circumnavigation of Vancouver Island last year, and at one point he got knocked down by a 20 foot rogue wave but rolled up on his third attempt.

Chris from Port Alberni, Vancouver Island is paddling south from Prince Rupert to home. I think he's got 3-4 weeks for the trip. We met just as I was entering Grenville Channel and exchanged notes on camping spots where we'd come from.

Sue Dandridge and Robin Clark I met further up Grenville. They are rowing a "Merry Wherry", a mostly open boat with twin rowing rigs with sliding seats. I actually had been in email contact with Sue before the trip when I was researching food drop options. I put a message on some bulletin board and got a response from Reg Lake (who some of you boaters will remember from Norcal) who referred me to Dale McKinnon who referred me to Sue, who was planning this trip from Ketchikan back to Seattle/Port Townsend.

There is also a couple who I never met, but who were a few days ahead of me travelling north. They are in an 18 foot canoe with a Malamute on a 3 year trek across Canada. http://www.canoeacrosscanada.ca/

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