Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Port Hardy 2, May 22

The food arrived at the post office, and the weather looks good for tomorrow. Hope to push off before dawn. I'll write you all soon.


Anonymous said...

Rimbeaux, you are amazing! But then again, we already knew that. I can finally "see" again and read your blog. Glad to hear that you are on course, on schedule, and staying away from bears!

I look forward to reading your further adventures and promise to stay in touch with Carlie back home.

Anonymous said...

So great to hear of your adventures!! The pics are fabulous too.
We just got back from Tim's parents 60th wedding anniversary. What a family gathering. Then on to his godson's LeHigh graduation. The speaker was Eric Weinmeyer[sp] the blind climber, very funny, very well spoken. An inspired individual.
We are holding you close for the big crossing tom.
Kath & Tim

Paul Zievers said...

RImbeaux- Finally logged on, and your photos and story are great. It is just past dawn here in Seattle - hope you are now provisioned and ready to launch a great day! Looking forward to watching your journey unfold - Ti Saluto! Paolo

Anonymous said...


FYI...It's May 22 and it snowed like crazy last night... Mountains are covered... It's probably warmer where you are.

If you hurry back you could probably get a few runs down Middle Ching... The word is that Carlie was Boarding all day yesterday.

John McCune

Anonymous said...

Hi Rimbeaux, those photos are wonderful, looks like you are having some sun (and sounds like lots of wind).Who ever heard of a rapid in the middle of a saltwater passage? Kind of novel. I assume it is only when the tide changes or something. Just reading about it made my arms hurt and my internal whiner was going off full blast. Are you seeing any wildlife? Are you talking to yourself yet?

Bill and I were reading about your exploits while sipping wine and eating dinner on the screened in porch (as in no bugs). We decided we were whimps.We hope you have made it safely around Cape Caution ( bummer of a name) and the other obstacles and you can relax a little bit.

We are off to The Big Ditch with Moria and Eric et al in 2 days. We will leave an extra offering at Vulcan's Rock for you.

Take care bud
xoxox kt

ps- Glady's 100th was really fun. She looks great. Fun to see the old gang too. Cass and Nan put on a wonderful weekend of parties. Missed you though.

Bernd said...

Great to hear your adventures, BCR. Sounds like powerful water and amazing wilderness.
Plesse keep the stories coming.
Greetings also from Marilyn and the kids.
Be careful. Thinking of you daily.
Yours, Bernd

Anonymous said...

Great that you are keeping us updated on your reflections Rimbeaux. Do you ever use a kite or sail to take a break?

Hoping the weather holds out for you - you must be seeing some amazing wildlife on your journey. Have you caught any salmon with your bare hands - just reach down and scoop...

Speaking of wild life, Steve and I will have 2 service dogs in training for the next 10 days. We will take them where ever we go: shopping, dining out, coffee, to the dentist, not sure they would fit in the kayak... Soon they both will assist clients in wheelchairs, they are amazing animals, both yellow labs. Scottie wants me to steal one for him!

Our spirits are paddling with you.
Michelle & Steve
Breeze & Lucky

Anonymous said...

yeah buddy! way to be. just got back from mexico and the waves were perfect. had a fabulous mothers day with my mom, pinata and all. so happy to hear you are making progess and staying above water! all the best, Taco