Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 12, Arrival in Powell River

The Strait of Georgia is behind me, and it was characterized by sunny days and headwinds. That's a combination I've been told to expect: If the days are fair, the wind will be from the NW. So I'm supposed to be hoping for bad weather??

Marc left the trip one day out of Nanaimo on a spur of the moment decision. We had just spent a few hours paddling into a cold 10-15k wind, and he decided that, with open water paddling coming up, and not many intimate islands to explore, he would bail and have more of a land-based adventure. I left him in Nanoose harbor hitching a ride back to Nanaimo.

I paddled across the Strait of Georgia the next morning, and I was glad for Marc's sake that he wasn't there. 15k winds, 3-5 foot waves, with the occasional 6 footer. It was a slow trudge of a paddle, but I made it.

I only have a few minutes before this internet cafe closes, so I'll be brief. I paddled up the west coast of Texada, and the last night I was saved from a potentially awful camp spot. Well it wasn't really a campspot, but I was getting desperate and willing to put up with this otter nest for the night. But the forcast was for strong winds today, so I wasn't looking forward to being there. Then my hero arrived around the corner paddling a kayak. James owns the property around there and invited me to spend the night with him. He fed me, gave me a bed, and shared some great conversation. Thank you, James.

The wind was howling this morning, but by noon it had quieted down and I had a good paddle into Powell River. I even got here with enough time to get some errands done, which was important because tomorrow is Sunday, and this is the last town of size I'll see for a while.

Next up, the Islands of desolation and discovery.


Anonymous said...

We're thinking of you, BC! Just finished a day on the Chama... and lots of positive vibes for you and your ocean adventure from all our group (one raft and 4 duckies!). Can't wait to see your next post! Love always, D, E and the boys

Anonymous said...

Cheers BC,
We are sure enjoying paddling up the coast with you, behind the comforts of our flat screen.
Oh yeh, it is all comming back to me now,I remember some exciting moments in seymore narrows and the crossing from Port Hardy to the Mainland.It's a picnic after that.
ah... at least, that's what I can remember from 27 years ago.
Love and Laughter,
your armchair paddling pals
Penny and Eddie

mknaut said...

Aloa & Welcome,

You are moving so fast we can't keep up. Kyaking through the Georgia Straight - I barely made it in 6ft swells sailing.

We are so proud of you - what an amazing journey to take and brave-let us know if you need a ride or delivery. Our faith is with you.

Love Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Nice job BC (both the paddling and blog entries). Keep it up!


Anonymous said...


Good to hear the trip is going well... enjoy rading the blogs! The pictures are great...Keep it up! - John McCune