Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Packing food

I'm taking a lot of precautions sending my food to my food drops in Canada. I haven't heard first-hand accounts from anyone who's done it, and some folks don't feel it's worth the risk of having a Canadian customs official decide my home-made granola looks suspicious so he's returning the whole package to sender.
I've talked to 2 customs officers in Vancouver and a lady at Health Canada, and I think I'm going to be okay. But as they all warn me, There's no guarantee...
Today I shipped my first food to Nanaimo. I expect to get there around May 8-9. Before I start paddling on the 4th, I'll send the next parcel to Port Hardy. A few days later, my wife, Carlie, will send the next parcel to Bella Bella.
Hopefully the food will arrive safely, and I won't have to rely on white bread and spam, or whatever else I can find.


Anonymous said...

Did you pack some Vino?
You may need it...
Looks like a great trip!!
Will follow you online.
John McCune

bcr said...

I tried, John, but I just couldn't fit the wine in. I had the mylar pouches and all, but it just wouldn't go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, we now have the definitive answer to the eternal question, "Do real men eat granola?" We're excited about checking on your trip! Thanks for keeping us posted! Best wishes, E, D and the boys.