Friday, July 20, 2007


Juneau!! Yahoo!

The last 2 days of gorgeous weather was just turning with freshening 15 knot wind and threatening sky as I paddled under the bow of "Serenade of the Seas", one of 4 cruise ships docked in the harbor. Float planes were coming and going, and I imagined myself the paddling version of a NYC courier dodging traffic as I made my way through the traffic and under the Douglas-Juneau bridge to the small boat harbor.

In some ways, I feel like I've arrived. I'm still going to Skagway, but if I think of a ribbon that I will break through at the end of my trip, that ribbon stretches from Juneau to Skagway. So if you will forgive the immodesty, here begins a week-long celebration of the end of a long journey.
I wish you all could be here to celebrate with me. But I know you're smiling and nodding with me as you read this. I miss you all.


Bernd said...

Wonderful last few posts, Rimbeaux.
Can't wait to hear about it all in person.
Congrats on an amazing journey.
Looking forward to seeing you in SF.
Yours, Bernd

Thea said...

Good luck and hope that you really enjoy the last part.

Anonymous said...

hey man, great readings! look up donna catotti and rob goldberg in haines
donna used to live in bear valley and cook for grand canyon dories, also marty schlein's old girl friend is there laurie didorian (not sure of spelling) she has an acupuncture business in town, and also lived in bear valley back when. enjoy the last part! ud